ALT The Four Muses I

This four-piece artwork features abstract pieces that are perfect for creating a gallery wall. Each piece has a unique blend of colours and textures that add depth and interest to any room. The first piece features a bold, black, and white design with a geometric pattern. The second piece is more subdued, with soft hues. The third piece has a rich, earthy feel. The final piece is a playful mix of black, beige, white, and grey. Together, these pieces create a cohesive, eye-catching display that adds a modern, artistic touch to any space.
Dimensions: 24” x 24” Each
Materials: Plexi
Frame model: M1623
  • Style Description: Framed Print with Matted Border
  • Frame Color: Black
Mat Board: Width 7"
  • Style: Single Mat
  • Color: Pure White
Details: Pairs with ALT The Four Muses I. ALT The four Muses II, ALT The Four Muses III, ALT The Four Muses IIII
SKU: 126892_I
Manufacturer part number: 126892_I
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