ALT Art of Shadows

This artwork is a large, textured piece that features a white and pearl colour palette with black accents. The texture of the piece is created using a mixture of materials, including paint, plaster, and other materials, resulting in a three-dimensional surface that adds depth and interest to the artwork. The white and pearl colour scheme gives the piece a sophisticated and elegant look, while the black accents provide contrast and visual interest. The black accents may be in the form of lines, shapes, or other elements that stand out against the light background. Overall, this artwork is a striking and captivating piece that would make a bold statement in any space.
Dimensions: 40” x 60” Each
Materials: Canvas with Embellishment
Frame model: M1803
  • Style Description: Framed Canvas
  • Frame Color: Black
SKU: 126853
Manufacturer part number: 126853
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